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"We believe that our
culture is a weapon

and we bring you our
most talented

Jazz musicians."


Viola Plummer




 "Jazz is a music of the spirit..."

Ahmed Abdullah
Musical Director
Join us and support Jazz: A Music of the Spirit.

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Herb Boyd- Review- Jazz and Reparations



Black August 2015

Black August 2015: Resistance!

Calendar of Events at Sistas Place, BK


Since the 1970's, the month of August is a time when Black people in the United States reflect on our history of liberation struggle and honor our courageous freedom fighters and political prisoners.


Saturday, August 1st at 4pm

Documentary Film Showing
George Jackson: Year of the Gun

Friday, August 7th at 7pm

Black Community Forum

Black Women Under Attack! Sandra Bland & many more...

Invited Panelists include
Joan Gibbs, Esq.
Nayaba Arinde, Editor of the Amsterdam News
Viola Plummer, Chair of the December 12th Movement
Amadi Ajamu, of Dec 12th Mov't will Moderate.
Video shorts will also be shown.

Saturday, August 15th at 1pm

Resistance Book Fair

Important Titles include:
Negroes With Guns by Robert Williams; Blood In My Eye by George Jackson; Hammer & Hoe by Robin Kelly; and Writing on the Wall by Mumia Abu Jamal.

Monday, August 17th at 5pm


Honoring the birthday and Legacy of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Rally will assemble on the corner of Nostrand & Jefferson Aves, Brooklyn.


Black August 2015: Resistance! events will be held at
Sistas' Place Coffee House located at
456 Nostrand Avenue [corner of Jefferson Ave]
Brooklyn NY.
For more information contact the December 12th Movement
[718] 398-1766.

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